Are The Louis Vuitton Trunk-Inspired Phone Holders Going To Be The ‘IT’ Thing?


The fashion world was stunned by the Louis Vuitton Classic-Trunk Inspired Phone Holders. Forget about the bags for a moment because this is where all the attentions where focused on.

When it was first-released, we thought it was a micro clutch bag, but when looking more closely we knew we are witnessing the next big thing. The design was literally similar to the Classic Trunk with vintage designs like the iconic clasp and the metal embellishment.

Besides the Monogram Canvas, you can also choose patent and exotic leather like croc. There are also plenty of colors like gold, blue, black, silver, red, you name it. Your favorite version will definitely be included.

Apart from the Phone Holder, it also comes with a luggage tag that function as a Headset Winder. Now if you’re wondering what that is, the luggage tag is made to structure your earphones so it doesn’t get mixed inside your bag.

Now don’t worry about the sizes because we know that it comes in several sizes to match your smartphones.

These accessories can be pre-ordered, now let us know which one is your favorite choice?




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Pictures courtesy of: Instagram @luksusowezakupy

  • Vinh


    Do you have the LV iPhone 11promax case?

    March 31, 2021
  • Anonymous


    What’s the price

    February 26, 2021

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