Louis Vuitton Link Earphone Holder

Louis Vuitton Link Earphone Holder thumb

Share your fabulous fashion taste with your Airpods Pro – dress it with this Louis Vuitton Link Earphone Holder. This beautiful mini charming accessory can become part of your fashion style. It looks like a miniature handbag and can we have enough bags? No! This small leather case features the LV logo with chainlink in … Read more

Louis Vuitton Earphone Trunk

Louis Vuitton Earphone Trunk thumb

So small that you can call it ‘super nano’, the Louis Vuitton Earphone Trunk is an exclusive launch. You can say that it’s the smallest Trunk Bag ever created and we can’t deny that it’s classy and cute. It is made for storing earbuds, but you can keep any tiny accessories inside. This Earphone Trunk … Read more

Celine Horizontal Phone Pouch (Belt Pouch)

Celine Horizontal Phone Pouch thumb

Simple, useful and handy, the Celine Horizontal Phone Pouch is like a little shoulder bag. And just like any Celine traditional bags, this Phone Pouch is made in single colors. The Horizontal boxy shape makes it look like a Camera Bag. The bag can hold more than just your phone, you can put basic and … Read more