Hermes Steals Our Heart With Cute Kawai Bag Collection

Hermes Kawai Bag Collection thumb

Sometimes there are things in life that are so-attractive…that it makes you feel like you would die-for-it. Like the upcoming Hermes Classic Kawai Bag Collection, you wanna know what’s included? Unfortunately the bears on the images are not included, but let’s start with the ‘Hermes Constance Long Wallet’. I love the color soft pink, then … Read more

Hermes Sac De Pansage Bag

Hermes Sac de pansage Bag thumb

Talking about buckets. Perhaps it was Louis Vuitton who first, accidentally, came up with the magnificent idea of designing something like the bucket bag, you know, the Noe Bag. It was originally made for the champagne vintners, to store their… champagne bottles. To clarify what I mean, let’s take Alexander Wang as an example, the … Read more