Prada Earphone Case with Strap

Prada Earphone Case with Strap thumb

It’s official and the race is on. Prada invented the Earphone Case aka Airpods Case. They name is Earphone Case because you can use it for Samsung Earphones as well or other brands. This Case can be used a mini shoulder bag because it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The front is crafted with … Read more

Prada Saffiano Heart Pouch Bag Charm

Prada Saffiano Heart Pouch Bag Charm thumb

Remember the Odette Heart bag that we’ve talked about some time ago. Everyone adorned that bag, it’s one of the must-haves in 2019. But now there is a smaller version and we know how fast the Bag Charms are trending. So we’re going to introduce another one that we think will beautify your bag. Meet … Read more

Prada Safiano Lux Tote

Prada Safiano Lux Tote thumb

Were you always so inclined to the Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas or Hermes swift leather? Well, that’s about to change with this Saffiano Lux tote that has been Prada’s icon since the beginning. Mario Prada invented this crosshatch embossed pattern, which is heat-treated, durable, scratch resistant and also water-resistant. For the careless fellows the … Read more