Kate Spade Wine Totes

Kate Spade Champagne Tote thumb

If it was priced at $3000 USD, I would have told this ‘wine tote’ to go take a walk. But as it’s priced at $28 USD, and made by Kate Spade (yes, New York!), then I would say: ‘Why not?’. Presenting Kate Spade Wine Tote for the Winter Collection. It’s foldable and festive, use the … Read more

Tods Flower Totes

Tods Small Flower Bag thumb

When I read ‘flower’, I couldn’t control myself; ‘I just got to see what is’. Well, first of all; it’s from the brand Tods. They have a few classic designs that we love – you know, like the D-Cube Totes, the Sella Bag or the D.D. Totes. Tods spend a lot of thoughts and energy … Read more

Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign Featuring New Modernized Totes

Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign Gisele thumb.jpg

Mirrors are breaking at Balenciaga’s Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign, Giselle Bündchen is invited to do the show – she is wearing street chic, with black boots on while covering herself with a green/purple winter jacket. The message is very clear, Balenciaga is turning the heat on, it’s all about being tough, a very exciting … Read more

Mulberry Bayswater Totes in Candy Colors

Mulberry Bays Water Green Soft Grain thumb

The Mulberry Alexa Satchel bag might crumble, but the iconic Bayswater remain strong and thriving. Up until today, the Mulberry Bayswater is still crafted at Somerset – one stitch at a time and proudly printed with: ‘Made in United Kingdom’. Without hesitation, the classic colors are oak-brown and chocolate-black, but because fashion is all about … Read more