Simplicity: The Prada Canvas Tote

prada canvas thumb 1

A time ago, I was looking for something roomy and something Prada. I screened through the Prada site and other online stores and found the Prada Canvas Tote. Wanna know why this bag is a BUY!? The canvas tote bag originally has many variation and different colors. They come even with a painting, but for … Read more

For Casual: Prada Vela Nylon Tote bag

prada vela thumb 1

One of those Prada Classic bags would be the Prada Vela Nylon Tote bag. The material used in the bag is saffiano leather trim, a very smooth material. With a double handles, the bag is made for comfort and shopping. What else would you do with a Tote bag anyway? I have seen MANY tote … Read more

Louis Vuitton Totally Bag: Everyday Functional Bag

lv totally thumb 1

So you want a bag that is an everyday functional bag, not necessarily for going out to posh do’s or to take out to dinner but one that will serve you well in the shopping and traveling department. The Louis Vuitton Totally bag is the ideal shoulder tote for the days out on your own, … Read more

New Chanel Boy Collection

five chanel boy bag on row 1

I don’t know if you girls have heard, but guess what? Chanel has a collection for boys. I was extremely surprised to hear this. I was kind of in disbelief when I heard the news from a friend of mine. Chanel is known for feminine elegance and grace. How could a collection made for men … Read more

Chanel Mademoiselle Bag Collection 2011

chanel mademoiselle bag thumb 1

When you had enough of the Chanel classic flap bags and you can’t fall in love with their totes, consider the Chanel mademoiselle bag. The name clarify it all: elegant, modern and lady-like and it all reflects back to the design. Though I put the year 2011 on the headline, this bag is still available … Read more