Longchamp x Nendo Bag Released

nendo x longchamp

Here’s an update post. We have been talking about Longchamp x Nendo collaboration. These handbags are finally out. And we’re going to discuss the details: The box-shaped bag is a redesign of the Le Pliage Bag, inserted with the principles of Katachi. This bag can be used as a fashion piece for carrying, but also … Read more

Longchamp LGP Bag Collection

Longchamp LPG Bag Collection thumb

Louis Vuitton has Monogram, Chanel has diamond quilting, but what about Longchamp? Well, a new collection has just been launched and it’s called the LGP Collection. What are LGP’s? Are they new bags? Nope, they’re actually a new print. Longchamp created a new exciting logo print inspired by origami. All these handbags are built as … Read more

Longchamp x Nendo Katachi Bag collection

Longchamp x Nendo Katachi Bag collection

If you love handbags, then you can’t miss what we’re about to share. Longchamp is going to partner with Nendo to redesign some of their classic handbag collection like the Le Pliage Bag. This new series of accessories will be named the Katachi Collection. Who is Nendo? Nendo is a Japanese design studio that’s headed … Read more

Longchamp x Mr. Bags For Chinese New Year

Longchamp x Mr Bags For Chinese New Year thumb

Instagram @di_classe_femme Celebrating Chinese New Year, Longchamp unleashed a special capsule collection in collaboration with Mr. Bags Who is Mr. Bags? Mr. Bags is an influential Chinese fashion blogger. He is known for selling 3+ million RMB worth of handbags in just 6 minutes. The limited edition Longchamp x Mr. Bags Collection features a series … Read more

Longchamp Shop It Bag

Longchamp Shop It Bag thumb

Longchamp Shop It Bag was one of the latest releases. It’s a whole collection that consists of tote bag, hobo bag and shoulder bag. The focus of the Shop It Line is to create handbags that are light weighed, supple and smooth, which explains why they are created with fine leathers. The overall feel of … Read more