My Personal Love Hate Letter To Chanel

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My Personal Love Hate Letter To Chanel

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My Personal Love Hate Letter To Chanel

My Personal Hate Love Letter To Chanel

To: Chanel
From: Me

Subject: Our Secret Love Affair

Dear Chanel,

Do you remember the first day we have met? It was in 21 January 2008. I looked at you, you at me and from that moment we knew it. We were meant to be.

You’ve become an important part of my life and my heart. You have become my best friend and soul mate. Heck, even my friends love you.

But lately, I am very unhappy. I am not satisfied of how our relationship is going. If you want to be with me, then there are a few things we need to talk about…

1. Start investing in me. Your attitude is driving my wallet empty. Is it so difficult to announce a sale once a while, so that I can finally buy my Chanel 2.55 reissue?

2. Why do you seduce me with your STUNNING season collections and then torture me with your prices?

3. You know the weekends we spend together in Paris? I am actually sick and tired seeing you snapping away all the best earrings to other girls and leaving me with the leftovers!

4. No matter how BIG my love is for you, no woman should be treated to pay 20%+ price increase every YEAR, just because you think you are a ‘classic’.

After all you’ve DONE to me, I want you to remember.

I still love you, I still dream about you and I still need you in my life.

Love & Kisses,

Your best friend & Secret lover

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