Must haves #23 Chanel Boy Flap Bag & Prices

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Must haves #23 Chanel Boy Flap Bag & Prices


Not long ago Chanel introduced their new boy bags. The name was simple, bold, and you get confused when hearing the first time. Uhhh boy?, seems like Chanel is interested in entering the boys market. But after seeing one of their banners, things started to get clear. It’s not only for boys, but for girls too.

It is what it says. Covered with colors that are deeper and stronger. Lined with textures that feels rough and tough. And not to forget Chanel’s special ingredient, elegant and chic. Combine that together and a stunning, stylish masculine bag has born.

The boy bag have become increasingly popular not only among boys, but also girls. The bag you see above is the new flap bag for boys. Quilted and painted in velvet, carrying such an item will convince anyone that you are innocent. The bag comes with a unique chain and a shoulder strap. Outstanding mixing up with different casual styles. I am already imagining, a bit light colored tight jeans underneath your Chanel ballet flat, a white top and brown/black outwear to finish the style. The bag is tempting and hard to resist.

Color: velvet

Size (small): 7.9” x 4.7” x 2.8”
Size (medium): 9.8” x 5.5” x 2.8”
Size (large): 12” x 8.3” x 3.5”

Price (small): $3,700.00
Price (medium): $3,900.00
Price (large): $4,500.00

Available in Chanel boutiques.


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114 thoughts on “Must haves #23 Chanel Boy Flap Bag & Prices”

  1. Hi Alex. I need your help. I can’t make up my mind to get the GHW with red Chanel boy bag medium size or SHW with red Chanel boy bag medium size ? Malaysia Klcc Chanel boutique actually help me transfer this bag from Hong Kong for my exchange, because only Hong Kong have this pre fall collection available. unfortunately I realize this bag have a minor defect.
    Thus, they now offer me to exchange another color or they help me to repair the bag. I only interested in red color that’s why I m considering either to proceed the repair or get the latest red color Chanel boy with silver hardware. I heard some people said Chanel boy should match with silver hardware. I’m confuse.

  2. Hi Alex:) do you know the exact style number for chanel le boy bag in caviar leather gold hardware and red color? In medium size. I am asking a male friend to buy it for me and he wants to be sure that he will be able to buy the exact bag I want. Thank you

    • The quilted one? I only know in calfskin, but do not know in caviar. The Medium Boy Quilted style code is: A67086.

      For red, golden hardware and medium size: A67086 Y08808 97105

      Before you buy, let him send you some pictures to verify first.

      Keep me informed!

  3. Hi,

    I have a question about an authenticity of a chanel bag?
    This is girl is selling me a boy bag, but it has Chanel written in bold silver letters, on the bag.

    Is that weird or fake? It is not written in the front, its written on the folded area on front of the bag, where the chain usually sits.

    Please let me know. thanks

  4. Hi,

    I love the chanel le boy medium in black lamb..
    I like the older one with smaller quilts.
    Does anyone know if those are still available or something similar looking?
    and does anybody knows how the inside/lining of the old or new version looks like? I dont want to get scammed!
    Please help!

      • Hi,

        Yes I was looking for a pre-owned but there are so much diffrent interior designs. So I’m not sure which ones are authentic and which aren’t. I saw that The “new” mediums have a grey inside with a grey label. But I don’t want The new medium because of The bigger quilts.

  5. I would like to ask if there are silver or bronze color of the boy chanel and chain only comes silver or there is gold ? thanks alot

  6. Some people pretend that they have received a gift and don’t like it and they just wanna sell but it was scam for you too look at it and buy to them it’s either stolen or fake, my cousin was scammed the same way pls be careful guys to those people pretend .

    • I’m not scamming anyone. The bag is 100% genuine with all tags attached, in its original packaging, sitting in my closet. I truly just don’t want a $4,000 bag that I deem impractical. I’m sorry your cousin was scammed, but there are good people in this world. Not everybody is out to get someone.

  7. Hello, my sister recently have bought me a Chanel boy flap bag (black and white) as a gift, but it’s not my style. It was purchased at Neiman Marcus. It has never been used. I’m too embarassed to tell her I don’t want it and I can’t return it to Neiman Marcus without a receipt. Any suggestions on how I can sell it to purchase something more my style?

    • She will eventually know that you have sold it, shouldn’t you just keep it, just because she is your sister.

      I really want to see a couple of pictures of this bag, if you can post it on the forum, that will be great.

      But you can sell it in consignment store, re-sellers and even on Ebay. But you will always get less than you pay for.

      • Alex, thank you for your reply. Sure, I can post pictures. I’ll try and do that now :). As far as me keeping the bag is concerned…my sister gave me the bag out of guilt-so it’s not like the bag has sentimental value (lol). I’d rather cash it in and purchase an item(s) that I know I can get some use out of.

        • Lol, she must have done something very ‘BAD’ to compensate her guilt with a Chanel boy bag. To get the most value, I would just take it to Ebay (sell it locally and face to face to avoid scammers), wait patiently for the right buyer and then use the money to buy something else.

  8. Hi I recently was brought the boy bag as a gift but not sure of the authenticity! The lining of my 12″ boy bag is in a baby blue fabric with a zip pocket and mobile phone pocket. Is this normal? Many thanks


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