Must haves #10: Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Top Handle

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Must haves #10: Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Top Handle


If you love the speedy then you are you going to love this one as well. The Sofia Coppola is an excellent alternative for speedy. Or if you have already the speedy and want to buy something similar. The LV Sofia Coppola’s editions is a interpretation of the classic speedy. The original goal for this bag is exact the way how you see it. Chich and roomy day bag.

Measuring 14.3’’ x 9’’ x 7.9, you will imagine yourself carrying this bag on the airport or simply for work. The LV Soffia Coppola is large enough for iPhone, cosmetics bags, wallet, iPad and few important documents. (just to give you some indication). Excellent bag for work too. With an adjustable/removable strap you can match the style of the bag to your desire or simple use the strap because the bag gets too heavy. The bag is priced $479,- and is available in stock at

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  1. Hi! You mentioned that the bag is available at and just wanted to ask you whether this is a trustworthy site? Has anyone purchased from them before? A response would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks =]


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