Mulberry Alexa Satchel

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Mulberry Alexa Satchel

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Mulberry Alexa Satchel


You are facing one of the iconic bags of the century. Release yourself and take a clear look at the Mulberry Alexa satchel. We keep loving Alexa, so Mulberry does not allow it to go. Irresistible is the right term to describe because each season we are amazed by the new styles, colors and designs. The Alexa is inspired by the legendary Bayswater bag and the Elkington briefcase. Who doesn’t recognize the iconic Mulberry postman’s lock? And not to mention the belt buckle hardware on both sides. These details is exactly what made Alexa ‘must have’ Mulberry bag.

You need to go to work? No problem for Alexa. Oh, you need to carry you A4 documents, your iPad and your long wallet? Alexa has more than enough space. And if not, take the oversized Alexa. But even when you fill it up, the bag still feel light weighed. And it doesn’t feel like burden on your shoulder. If you need to style yourself up for a business meeting or for your important client, don’t carry a fancy bag. Take the Alexa, it will adapt to your circumstance and add some style to your formal suit, and some creditability.

Have you notice the mini Alexa yet? It’s simply too cute. You might notice that I love petite bags. If there are times that you don’t need to take a lot with you, the mini Alexa is ideal for your personal essentials. And given that Alexa has so many colors and leather to pick, there’s nothing naughty about owning two or even three. I know girls who have 10 Mulberry bags. They are just too addictive. But do not underestimate the size, an iPad fit perfectly on spot. I really adore the Alexa mini bag.


First time Alexa buyer? Go safe, go black. The black is the perfect match with your a business suit, and if you like it can go casual too.


Brown (Oak) is a relax color has the same style as the black. Brown is a safe colors and add a little twist in your black suit so it doesn’t come over so boring.


Go raspberry if you want to look unique. Raspberry is a great match for white or other bright color and a lovely bag to carry during the happy spring/summer season.


Blue (Slate blue) is a oh gorgeous color that has multi-look. Great for work and great after your work. It’s a bag that looks great on dark colors and bright colors. Really love this one.


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11 thoughts on “Mulberry Alexa Satchel”

  1. Hi, I’ll be travelling to London soon and am deciding between the baywater and alexa…!! which do you guys suggest? Also does anyone know the price in £ for both? Definitely will be cheaper than Singapore because of VAT refund right?

    • Hi Nessa, I honestely would say, choose the Mulberry Bayswater. The Alexa has been decreasing in popularity, but the Bayswater has a long history and its actually a symbolic item of the brand. The popular color is brown by the way, the same color as the brand’s logo. The Bayswater (medium) in normal leather is 995 GBP and the Alexa (medium) in normal leather 1100 GBP. The price will be cheaper in Europe due to tax-refund.

      If you need more info about the prices, let us know. Tell us which size and leather you’re looking for. We can also calculate the amount of tax-refund so you can know in prior.Let us know.

  2. I recently got the OS alexa oak in London! I love the bag, the leather is extremely soft and the smell of this bag is divine. Happy with the purchase. I was thinking of getting the bayswater. Any difference?

    • I have a bayswater and Alexa, I love the bayswater more because of the shape and its more useful. Do you have a leather in mind or color?

    • I would go for the black, because you already got the oak in alexa. Here’s why: Kate moss and lot of other celebs have them too.

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