Marc By Marc Jacobs Alicia Bag: Black And White Stripes Will Never Die


Black and white stripe styles will never die. We see people flaunting them on the hot sunny days and when snow is falling from the sky. You can find it in blouses, skirts and pants in fast-stores like Zara and H&M, it wouldn’t even surprise me if you have such item collected in your wardrobe. When it’s time to play with your black and white style, what’s a better accessory than the Marc by Marc Jacobs Alicia bag?

Sometimes a bucket is a bucket. It’s that big large chunky bag hanging on the back of shoulder. Some people LOVE IT and some people hate it. (We all know what I am talking about!), but the Marc Jacobs Alicia bag is different, it’s just simple shoulder bag that accidentally happened to look like a bucket. The top flap is black, body covered in distressed canvas, with a tint of gold over there and there, and oh it will melt with your black and white style just like how an ice cube melt in a glass of water.

For the bonus round, open the bag and pack all your essentials. You know what? Take your iPad too because the Alicia bag wants to proof that it can handle you. And one more thing, not two, but three interior pockets makes it worthwhile to get your stuff easily structured. Keep it neat and tide! Get this bag on Shopbop for $328.



For the black and white stripe queen, pair it with the K Jacques black sandals,
play with the minimalism and wrap around ankle strap.
At Forward By Elyse Walker for $253.


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