M.A.C. Keepsakes Hanging Travel Bag


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M.A.C. Keepsakes Hanging Travel Bag


M.A.C. recently launched the Holiday 2014 Collection, featuring the latest cosmetic accessories that you will love. You can check out at MAC’s site for more information.

But the purpose of this post is to show you a limited edition M.A.C. Keepsakes Hanging Travel Bag. This bag attracted by attention because… first of all, it’s made from brand M.A.C., secondly it’s so handy. If you fold it up, it will look like a small clutch bag.

This bag is made to be your travel companion, its simple, but well designed. It’s for those that want everything to be structured and organized for the holidays.

What can you store in the M.A.C. Keepsakes Hanging Travel Bag?

Well, the options are limitless, but mainly its made to pack your entire make up’s collection and brushes, and then wrap the bag up like a clutch bag. Isn’t it convenient?

Priced at $49,95, exclusively (and only) available at MAC e-store.

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