Lulu Guinness Lipstick Perspex Clutch


Since we are up for novelty pieces ‘round here, we’re bringing you the Lulu Guinness Lipstick Perspex Clutch! For all those who swear by their favorite tube of goodness, this piece will serve as a huge statement and will tell everyone how much you love it! This piece is just an adorable find and will perk-up your outfit every time you wear it.

Measuring 23cm x 7cm x 7cm (H x W x D), you’ll be pleased at how this cute clutch can handle most of your day (and night) essentials. It has a flip top with magnetic closure, which keeps all of your personal effects where they belong. It also has a mirror under the top – perfect for instant touch-ups and checking yourself out! Ain’t that exciting?

You can get your very own Lulu Guinness Lipstick Perspex Clutch for $504 USD or €403 EUR via Luisa Via Roma. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!






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