Love Gift – Prounza Schouler PS11 Keychain

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Love Gift – Prounza Schouler PS11 Keychain

Love Gift – Prounza Schouler PS11 Keychain


I am not good at this, but I am going to give it a try… Imagine you are thinking about someone you love. This can be your partner or perhaps your best friend. (just like Ted & John). To show the other person your love, you want to give something that not only last forever, but also reminds them of the relationship. And if the gift is also a stylish and from a famous brand. That is a big bonus.


Super cute and too gorgeous. The Prounza Schouler metal key ring is what you are looking for. It’s a set of two key chains that can be separated or put together. Om my gosh, I adore it!

– If it’s a gift from a girl to a girl, pick the hot pink.
– A gift from a girlfriend to boyfriend or the other way around, again pick the hot pink.
– A gift from a boy to a boy? The Brass/Palladium would do the trick.

You know what’s the best? Proenza Schouler has engraved both pieces with their logo on it. Price? Fair enough!

Price: $145,-
Diameter: 1.25’’
Made in Italy

Available in Prounza Schouler online store.


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