Louis Vuitton Trompe l’oeil Screen Bag Collection


Oh My! Fashion and Art has crossed again at the house of Louis Vuitton. Have you ever heard about the Trompe L’oeil? It’s a well-known art technique in France. And Louis Vuitton has blended this technique with their iconic handbags for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection. In this post we will be talking a bit about the story of the Trompe L’oeil art as well as the design. And by the way, this line is called the Louis Vuitton Trompe L’oeil Screen Bag Collection.

The Design

What is the Trompe L’oeil? It means in French ‘Deceive The Eye’. Trompe L’oeil is an art technique that transforms a realistic image into an optical 3D illusion. And this technique has been used re-designed the iconic handbags with trunk detailing, which is basically a print, but the purpose is to deceive the eye in thinking that they’re real pieces.

Now, take a better look at these handbags. Can you see the trunk corners and the historic Louis Vuitton locks? They’re all screen prints, but they’re very clever designed. The print also features the Louis Vuitton travel badge and the LV logo.

What’s more? These bags are beautified with Damier Azur coated canvas or Monogram Canvas, which is an iconic piece. And we’d know that they’re limited edition piece and only seasonal available. Once the season ends, these bags will be gone forever. If you want a flaunting iconic piece, then perhaps its time to make the investment.

The Prices And Sizes

Louis Vuitton Trompe L’oeil Screen Neverfull MM Bag
Size: 12.5’ x 11.5’ x 6.5’ inches
Prices: $1750 USD, $2230 CAD, €1310 EUR, £1220 GBP, $14500 HKD, $2400 AUD, ¥207360 JPY, 13400 CNY.

Louis Vuitton Trompe L’oeil Screen Speedy 30 Bag
Size: 11.8’ x 8.3’ x 6.7’ inches
Prices: $1920 USD, $2340 CAD, €1370 EUR, £1280 GBP, $15800 HKD, $2510 AUD, ¥226800 JPY, 14800 CNY.

Louis Vuitton Trompe L’oeil Screen NeoNoe Bag
Size: 10.2’ x 8.7’ x 1.8’ inches
Prices: $1950 USD, $2410 CAD, €1400 EUR, £1300 GBP, $16200 HKD, $2560 AUD, ¥231120 JPY, 15100 CNY.

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