Louis Vuitton Surene BB Bag

When a bag is being downsized, it’s incredible hot. The Surene Bag was launched just a few weeks ago (August 2018) and already the BB version is released.

We love the Louis Vuiton Surene BB Bag, it’s beyond obsession because it’s so useful unlike other BB sizes. Don’t you just love a baby-sized tote bag for casual use?

The Design

Imagine wearing the Surene BB Bag! Bang, instantly fashionly for eternity. This little baby tote is much more than cute, it’s adorned with the iconic Monogram Canvas and mixed with colorful leather. This leather is the grained calfskin, which is both durable and luxurious.

More over, it’s created with sliding chain reinforced with shoulder comfy (just like the classic Louise Bag with Sliding Chain). This chain is made from gold hardware to add some shimmering magnet to this fashion piece.

The Surene BB Bag is the perfect casual chic bag and can be used for work or normal days. And because it’s a tote, the interior is very generous (especially for a BB Bag).

So can you ask for more from this cutie? It’s light weighed, versatile and easy-to-wear.

The Interior

Beautified with microfiber lining, the interior has 3 separated compartments; a central compartment with zipped closure and 2 side compartments. So there is plenty of space to organize your beloved personal belongings, especially because there is also a double smartphone pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 9.8’ x 6.7’ x 5.1’ inches, priced at $2080 USD, $2690 CAD, €1580 EUR, £1480 GBP, $16900 HKD, $2890 AUD, ¥248400 JPY, 15100 CNY.

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