Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag

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Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag

Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag

Louis Vuitton- what strikes you when you are face to face with this brand? Perhaps the luxury or mainly the classic Monogram canvas! Our beloved monogram canvas was introduced in 1896 as the brands signature; symbols like quatrefoils and flowers were patented as its trademark and the Monogram canvas ensured durability. Though the brand distanced itself from the continuity of Monogram canvas, the destiny had another plans; people wanted a huge comeback of these iconic canvases.

Want to know about an incredible pattern using these iconic Monogram design? A design so rare and chic that you would fall in love with this classic addition- its the Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag that we are talking about. Being a latest find of the brand, this bag came in the year 2014, complete with its one-off blend of Monogram canvas body and some other colored leather interior that’s peeking out in the cutest way, for all to see.

Seems to be reigning in the fashion world, this Pallas bag has its own line, can you believe it! Every bag from this line will cater to the specific needs of every crowd; There’s Pallas Shopper, Pallas medium and Pallas BB( that is too cute for its own good). All in all, the Pallas is much more than a cute chic beauty.


Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag

Like a true representation of your soul style, the Louis Vuitton boasts the design details that you have hardly ever seen; a contrast colored leather peeping top crest, rolled top handles with adorable links, an optional shoulder strap for a hands-free action, two side compartments with hidden snap buttons, end-to-end zipper closure, bottom studs for protection and colorful leather gussets.

As soon as it stepped onto the scene, this petite tote took the world by storm with its unique intermix of traditional heritage and modish twist. What’s more? You have an excellent side gusset feature in this bag; the wide sides are beautifully pleated at the top complimenting the design. And don’t just talk about the varieties of leather and rich color hues you are offered. Colors range from Saffran to Pink, Pistache, Cerise, Questsche, Noir, Amethyste, etc.

For a chic-modern feel you can go for the classic Monogram canvas and a colorful grained leather combo and in case you want to have a more glamorous fusion in Pallas, then you can have an exotic python skin along with the Monogram body. The latter will provide a more alluring outlook to your style.


Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag

The Pallas is nothing but a deep study in the matchless functionality by the luxurious fashion house of Louis Vuitton. The marvelous bag opens to a matching microfiber interior with wall patch pockets, beautifully polished rings, an embossed Louis Vuitton signature and spacious room for all your necessities. And also, there are two long patch pockets with invisible snap buttons, one at the front and one at the back, these provide extra space for handy essentials.


http://www.vauntr.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Louis-Vuitton-Pallas-Bag-Sizes.jpgLouis Vuitton Pallas Bag

From Left To Right: Size BB, Medium

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Louis Vuitton Pallas BB Bag10.6’ x 7.1’ x 7.5’ (L x H x W) inches
Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag13.8’ x 9.8’ x 5.1’ (L x H x W) inches

Leathers And Materials

Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag

Monogram Canvas


Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag

From Left To Right: Safran Imperial, Rose Poudre, Cherry, Black, Dune, Raisin

Louis Vuitton Pallas Bag

From Left To Right: Taupe Glace, Noisette, Blue Marine, Brown, Navy Blue, Python

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