Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM or MM

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Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM or MM

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM or MM


You are a point to buy the Louis Vuitton neverfull bag and you are torn between the GM or MM? Another frequent asked question in our community is: Should I buy Louis Vuitton neverfull GM or MM? Though it’s just a size smaller, it does have a big difference in style. Pick the wrong bag after paying hundred of dollars is a fatal decision.

Before we go into further, we believe that the Neverfull PM is way too small, rather go for the speedy bag instead. Neverfull got its name because it’s neverful and this bag delivers exactly what it promise. But even if it’s neverful, you wouldn’t try to stuff it too full, because the strap of this bag looks like that it can break anytime. It can makes you sweaty when shopping: ‘Is it gonna break or not?’.

Do you really have that much of essentials to carry?

The neverfull GM is ‘huge’, you can probably fit your jacket inside. It’s an amazing bag, but I am not into dragging a huge bag all the way to the end of the shopping street. I rather stick in somewhere between the small and XL. That will be the Louis Vuitton neverfull. I find the GM bag too large to carry around my shoulder and especially when you are a shorty, a level lower and this bag is swiping the floor.

The Louis Vuitton neverfull bag is another must have, it’s an icon and a tote that everyone is talking about. The price? It’s affordable.
I love the white neverful bag for the summer, the color is bright enough to match with your colorful styles. And it doesn’t interfere your fashion when you have slippers on.

The Louis Vuitton in brown is great for fall and winter. Somewhat darker colors, but still trendy, matching perfectly to your fall jacket or winter coat.

Which size would you choose?


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