Louis Vuitton Earphone Chain thumb

Louis Vuitton Earphone Chain

Louis Vuitton Earphone Chain

Louis Vuitton is all about innovation, tech and fashion. Take a look at this Louis Vuitton Earphone Chain. It’s designed to hold your Earphones including Airpods.

Louis Vuitton Earphone Chain; bolded

Some people like wireless, but perhaps you want to wear it like in the old-school ways. Louis Vuitton gives you that opportunity with a jewellery like design to attach your earphones.

The chain is crafted in gold hardware and features the signature LV Circles. At the end of the chain, there are 2 rubber pieces that can slide onto your earphones.

This fashion accessory is playful but also exciting. It’s also fashionable and it adds a new touch to your overall style. It’s also unique, because no one has evented this beautiful piece yet.

So what do you think?

It’s priced at $515 USD, $595 CAD, €350 EUR, £325 GBP, $4050 HKD, $685 AUD, ¥59400 JPY, 3950 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Louis Vuitton Earphone Chain

Louis Vuitton Earphone Chain

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