Louis Vuitton Discontinued Handbags Part 2

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Louis Vuitton Discontinued Handbags Part 2

Louis Vuitton Discontinued Handbags Part 2

These are Louis Vuitton Discontinued handbags. These bags are introduced and being taken out of the stocks. I think that bags that are discontinued are more valuable. Why? Because they are limited.

And as the years come by, the less of these bags are available. This makes me love my discontinued editions much more. Are these bags available? Can you still buy them? Yes, you can. You might get lucky on website like Ebay, or Bonanza. Or you could try in consignment store, most of them have their own website where they publish their latest products too.

Graffiti Alma MM

I just love the graffiti alma of Louis Vuitton. Anyone still recognize this?

Eye need you & Eye miss you

Oh my gosh, this is one of the cutest bag I had ever. Innocent, clean and elegant with a small tie in the middle. Colorful and happy, I just put that on my list.

Mizi Vienna

The mizi bags are a nice addition to your Louis Vuitton collection. Anyone love classic should get one of these.

Panda Pochette

Sometimes when Louis Vuitton tries to surprise it’s LV customers, they come up with something unique and surprising once in a while. The Panda Pochette bag is a very cute bag, especially the panda. But it is a bit off my limit. Anyone have opinion on this?

Fringe Speedy

Who can’t remember this fancy LV speedy bag. This is another discontinued version of the LV. Anyone remember this bag?

Cabas Alto

Oh! I just love this bag. A bit of neverfull look-a-like, but overall very much larger bag. I love the strap, it is a bit bigger than the neverfull.

Le Fabuleux

Definitely a Fabulous bag. This bag is cute and tight, just like a little box. The pink one is lovely!

Epi Petit Noe

As a bag addicted, I just love the design of this bag. I would probably buy this discontinue bag if I see it in the LV store. But I am not sure when I am going to use it, but I would welcome them to my LV collection.

Frange Bucket

A Bucket bag? This is why I love LV, they come up with such high quality funny bag, that looks elegant. Anyone have suggestion when to wear this bag?

Conte De Fees Musette

As cute as the little Panda Pochet!

Any LV discontinue bag that you own?

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8 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Discontinued Handbags Part 2”

  1. i have this brand new (never used) beautiful M94542
    it appears to be expired now.
    i have original bag and box, cover, booklet, everything-the way i purchased it a couple of years ago.
    i prefer my crossover bags – and that’s the only reason i’ve never used this beautiful bag!
    i want to sell this bag (FEDEX to US or CANADA only) for $2,200US. message me at 780-910-5307. thank you!


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