Louis Vuitton Discontinued Hand bags

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Louis Vuitton Discontinued Hand bags

Louis Vuitton Discontinued Hand bags

I love discontinued hand bags, especially of Louis Vuitton. I am a bit stick and tired of seeing other people wearing the same bag as I do. That’s why I sometimes buy handbags that are limited edition or I know that are discontinued. I simply buy and wait until the bag disappear from the store. I think the real value starts when the bag is no longer for sale.

Some of the discontinued LV bags sold on Ebay are in pretty much bad shape. Even when you bought one, you know that someone have used it before. Hand bags are not easy to be cleaned, you don’t just throw your LV in the wasmachine and then leave it that way. It is better to keep your LV clean and brand-new than to abuse it and then try to wash the dirt of by cleaning it

But anways, here are a few of mine LV discontinued collection and other discontinued bags I remembered:

Louis Vuitton Graffiti Speedy
LV graffiti speedy combo

The graffiti speedy might be one of the best discontinued LV bag I felt in love with. I love speedy in general, the brown one, classic collection is lovely. But the graffiti totally changed the look of the bag, it made the bag shiny, attention-grabbing and cool & fun.

Vernis fuchsia Houston
LV Vernis fuchsia Houston

I wanted to buy a tote bag of LV. I saw this one in LV store in Paris and got it. Later on, I started to love it more and even more when they discontinued this collection.

Mandarin Epi Speedy
Combo Mandarin epi speedy

This is a special bag that I picked in orange. I usually don’t like orange, but this one is something different. It feel like between chic and fun.

Graffiti Pochette
LV Graffiti pochette combo

After the LV speedy, I wanted something that looked a bit the same. This Graffiti Pochette was the one I was looking for. Just a simple bag, but different.

More discontinued LV bags…

Cerises Speedy
LV Cerises Speedy combo

Cherry on LV might be one of the most cutest bag I’ve ever seen. Two words, fancy and cute.

Monogram Mat Shelton in black
LV Monogram Mat Shelton com

This is still on my wish list. I love this bag because of the look, it is elegant chic, the quality is also outstanding. Love it!

Maybe someone else can tell me some more about this design. But the wings on the right and left side makes the black version look a bit like a bat. But it is LV and I love LV.

Mono Mizi
LV mono canvas mizi satchel

This bag is really cute. But I would pick the black color, because it feels like it will last forever. Which color would you go for?

Velvet Pochette
LV velvet pochette combo

The chain makes this bag special, it was in the time that chain link was a trend. Too bad there weren’t much color to pick. But the bag cost around $2,000 – $2,500 US dollar.

St Jaques Epi
LV Epi Saint Jacques combo

This bag was discontinued around 2006, but not in all country. I remember seeing in Japan the LV St. Jaquest epi soufflot. The design of this bag is really unique.

Any discontinued bag that you own?


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