Louis Vuitton Discontinued Hand Bags Part 3

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Louis Vuitton Discontinued Hand Bags Part 3

Louis Vuitton Discontinued Hand Bags Part 3

This is the third edition of the Louis Vuitton handbags post. And you know what? It’s not even the final. There are more LV bags that are discontinued. And I will keep posting them. LV exist for a very long time and their history is very rich. They have made many bags along their way.

It’s pity that some cute bags are being discontinued. But if you already own one of these, then maybe it’s not a bad thing afterall. Maybe the bags can’t be find in LV boutique anymore, but we might be lucky enough that an owner decide to sell them on Ebay or other sites.

Fuchsia Vernis Bedford

Cute LV handbag. I would buy this one for traveling. Love petit hand bags!

Cherry Blossom Papillon

Om my gosh, take a look at this bag, the right and the middle one. In love with it! Put this one on my birthday list, hehe.

The Petit Noe

Anyone still remember this bag? I love the white one.

Epi Plage Lagoon

This bag is perfect for shopping. It is large enough and different.

Dalmatien Sac Rabat

Special Louis Vuitton spoil hand bag edition.

Which discontinued bags do you own?

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26 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Discontinued Hand Bags Part 3”

  1. I just bought my wife her 1st LV bag, a 2007 Damier Ebene Griet. Preloved but in pristine condition. About $700.

    I’ve Googled it, I can see that it’s been discontinued.

    I love the model because it’s not common model and very elegant and would make a great gift for my wife. She loves it so much.


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