Louis Vuitton Box Scott Bag

Meet the most glamorous piece in the Louis Vuitton collection. It’s called the Louis Vuitton Box Scott Bag and looks like a cosmetic box – which means not-very-useful for outdoor use.

But wait a minute.

Let’s be creative, shall we?

The Design

The Box Scott Bag is a transparent box, made from Plexiglass. The Monogram patterns are embellished all over the body, which makes it very eye-catching.

The details can be traced back to the vintage House trunks like the rich VVN leather that’s crafted on the top with gleaming eye-catching metal. It also features the Trunk S-lock signature, which shimmers like gold.

According to LV website, the Box Scott can be used to hold jewelry or makeup or simple sit atop of a dressing table. But that would be a waste of beauty, doesn’t?

We can turn this Box into a handle bag by tying a Louis Vuitton Silk Shawl on the top of it. First there are numerous of different silk designs available, which mean we can personalize the bag as well. Secondly, not a lot of people will pick up this idea, which means you will be one of the few that will be carrying this box bag in this way.

So what do you think?

The Interior

Instagram @luksusowezakupy

The interior is made with one main compartment and the instagram image gives you an idea of how big the inside is.

The Prices And Sizes

Priced at $925 USD, $1080 CAD, €630 EUR, £585 GBP, $7700 HKD, $1150 AUD, ¥104760 JPY, 6800 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.

More Images And Colors

Instagram @luksusowezakupy

Instagram @luksusowezakupy

Instagram @luksusowezakupy

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