Longchamp Le Pliage de Noel


Every once in a while, Longchamp changes their ‘Le Pliage de Noel’ Collection into something more exciting and artful. By now, we all know that the Le Pliage Tote Bag stands for, but the ‘Noel’ takes everything a step further, its inspired by the unique vision of designers.

For example, take this Le Pliage Noel tote, a transparent bag that pays homage to a charmry case – in multiple colored and shaped with triangle pieces. The center is embellished with a golden horse, which represents the brand. It moves you from the traditional Le Pliage Bags, offering you a distinctive piece. Measuring 8,25’ x 8,25’ x 5,5’ inches, for $660 USD at Longchamp e-store.


Here’s another piece, a retro design inspired by ‘back to school’ look. You know the satchel and the oversized buckets, it reminds us back to the old days. Painted in grey and it comes with a transparent nametag holder. Besides the design, everything else is exactly like the original Le Pliage tote bag. Measured 10’ x 10’ x 6,75’ inches, for $880 at Longchamp e-store.


A crocodile pattern with 3D effect Le Pliage Tote, a bold piece with a touch of luxury, a perfect piece for the winter that goes with your winter styles. You need to know that these bags are inspired by Longchamp’s historic and timeless designs, they are do not just invented from thin air, each one of them has a classic appearance, so you can wear it anytime and anywhere you want. Measuring 8,25’ x 8,25’ x 5,5’ inches, priced at $540 USD at Longchamp e-store.


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