Longchamp: Blue It Up



Longchamp has great ideas to remind us the colors of the summer. Just like this fancy commercial were a lady is carrying a chic indigo blue bag looking up the sky and probably watching her plane cross by. But her multi color dress with red, white, blue and orange is the perfect combination to match the Gatsby exotic tote or any ocean blue bag. For your information, the Gatsby tote is a timeless style of Longchamp, designed to look feminine, and styled to look catchy.

Watch how her look flaunt her personality. She looks interesting, playful and chic. It’s much easier to style a single color skirt or to pick a black or white bag, but put together the perfect color combination and your fashion will look stunning.

In case you wondering what kind of wallets are standing on the top of the Gatsby tote. Introducing the Gatsby exotic coin purse (first top). It’s actually a normal size wallet including card pockets. And below the Gatsby exotic all in one, a larger version wallet. All available on Longchamp online store.


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  • fiona


    I have a bag with similar color and i am looking for the dress. Style look amazing thnx.

    April 17, 2013

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