Loewe Panda Coin Purse



Loewe Panda Coin Purse


At BragMyBag, we don’t only cater to basic, refined tastes…we also love channeling our inner ‘kawaii’ once in a while. And today, we have something that’s gonna do just that – from the brand’s Animales line, we give you the Loewe Panda Coin Purse, another fun piece that’s sure to rake in some “awwwwe’s” and “oooohh’s” when you carry it. For something designer, this coin purse is just too cute to resist! Gone are the days when luxury brands used to be so rigid and restrictive, because cute designs now have a place in high fashion!

The Panda Coin Purse comes in a multitude of colors to choose from, so depending on your mood and preference, you could choose something that would suit your style. All pieces come in calf leather, so you’re assured that it will last you some good years of use. It comes with a palladium zipper, which provides a beautiful contrast and keeps all of your money secure.

Measuring 10.5cm x 9.5cm x 5.7cm, you can get your very own Panda Coin Purse for $380 USD or €295 EUR via Loewe e-store.







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