Jil Sander Unique Designs And Prices

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Jil Sander Unique Designs And Prices

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Jil Sander Unique Designs And Prices

The brand Jil Sander don’t need any introduction. The founder is a German fashion designer and is named as the Queen of less. Her fashion house might be famous for its minimalist style. Her designs were originally made for women who were ambitious and who wanted to conquer executive positions. The brand have published a few daring designs, including the most expensive paper bag in the world.


Jil Sander Paper Bag
Who would ever thought paper bags could conquer the fashion world? The bag was introduced in 2012 and was one of the most daring creation ever in the fashion industry. We might think that there’s much more behind the paper bag. Maybe it’s made of lambskin or other leather materials. But no, it is just made out of brown paper and is retailing for hundreds of dollars.

Material: Paper
Colors: Brown, Black
Size: 14’’ x 7.75’’ x 5’’(H x W x D)
Price: $290 USD


Jil Sander Acetate Shopping Bag
Famous for its uniqueness, Jil Sander introduced the Acetate shopping bag. Carrying this bag will very well attract most attention, especially when you pick the orange color. It’s fashionable, stylish and modern. The bag is transparent and simple in design. It has just two top handles and a designer stamped tag hanging out of the bag.

Material: Plastic
Colors: Orange
Size: 23’’ x 13’’ x 7’’ (H x W x D)
Price: $135 USD


Jil Sander Triangle Bag
Sometimes we might be buying ‘’classics’’, because we want to be ‘in’ the fashion. But there are times when we get bored of classics and want to grab something different. I am sure of one thing with Jil Sander designs; they will NEVER bore you. Have you ever saw something like a triangle bag with zipper going from the top to the bottom side of your bag? I don’t think so. The bag comes with a wristlet strap and a vanity mirror with buckled tab. Gorgeous and unique!

Material: Deer skin
Colors: White, Gold
Size: 7’’ x 7’’ x 7’’ (H x W x D)
Price: $500 USD



Jil Sander The Madame Bag
If you love Jil Sander and looking for something that you can carry on daily basis, then you have to get the Madame bag. It’s clean, simple and stylish with a touch of elegancy. Made from smooth leather, with a designer’s logo in the center. It has a detachable strap and a single ‘Jil Sander’s unique’ top handle. The bag is large enough for all your personal stuff.

Material: Leather
Colors: White, Black, Gold, Brown
Size: 10’’ x 13 ¼’’ x 7 ½’’(H x W x D)
Price: $1,375 USD


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