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J’Adior Bag Review

Creativity with Dior has reached to a whole new peak or on cloud ten, and we aren’t even exaggerating; just look at this J’Adior Bag from Dior Spring/Summer 2017 collection and you would be speechless with it’s intriguing name. Naturally, there’s a reason why it says J’Adore. If you have learnt French at your school you would understand it in a light speed. Here, it’s named putting together two words- Dior plus J’Adore, we all are very well acquainted with the brand and the second word means ‘I just love it’. So, its translation is I love Dior, can any bag get classier than this!

The flashy shiny logo of J’Adior for all to see, the unique handclasp to slide in your hand and the extremely functional design; isn’t something you can forget easily. Since it’s debut, the crowd is going totally nuts for it’s arrival in stores and by the holy grace of god it’s now available from February 27, 2017.

No bag comes in singular and so is the case of this beauty; there are total three styles of J’Adior handbags. You will see a WOC, a flap bag with shoulder Strap or a Flap bag with Chain Strap, all these handbags comes in the much awaited bag list. So give yourself a big compliment if any of the above three J’Adior handbag falls in your shopping list.


J’Adior Bag Review

Dior’s handbags are getting better each season and here’s another one to consider. The design is something more distinctive then you have ever witnessed. Although, it’s a simplistic bag that comes in solid colors and your usual square shape, it shouts class and sophistication, all because of its metallic J’Adior logo. The logo stands out in big ang bold letters just on the handclasp.

Oh! Did we not mention about the exclusiveness and functionality of the handclasp. You can easily slide in your fingers inside it and carry the clutch in style like never before. You just need to detach the long chain or the shoulder strap for this feature. If you are going after its WOC version than you can easily carry it crossbody, on shoulder or as a clutch, but the shoulder strap version has a shorter strap.


J’Adior Bag Review

We’ve certainly opened the interior of it’s WOC version, and guess what we’ve found? It’s more than what we call as amazing. It’s like your truly organized wallet with 4 card slots and a zipper compartment to stash your money and keys.
If we talk about the flap bag with the shoulder strap, than the inside is bigger in comparison to the other style, but is somewhat simpler. There’s one big compartment where you can keep your phone, wallet, keys, lip-gloss etc, along with a small slip pocket to keep cards. There’s also a bigger slot compartment to keep your extra money and stuff.


J’Adior Bag Review

Measurement: 25 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm

Leathers And Materials

J’Adior Bag Review



J’Adior Bag Review

From Left To Right: Black, White, Red


J’Adior Bag Review


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J’Adior Bag Review

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