Is Hermes Birkin Worth Buying? Don’t They?

I received a question lately whether the Hermes Birkin is worth buying and I want to write a short post about it. To answer this question, it is totally dependent on your life situation and your love for fashion. You can buy pre-owned birkin, $8,000 new birkin and even birkin in croc. materials. But is it worth it? Well…

Hermes Birkin have rich history, the first bag is made in 1984.
• It’s named after Jane Birkin, who is an English actress and singer.
• The birkin is worldwide famous.
• They are girl’s best toys and are in high demand.
• The bag is limited because not everyone can afford them.
• Some of the Birkin are hard-to-get.
• It’s handmade by specialized and detailed craftsmanship.
• Hermes Birkin continuously be more valuable each year, because of price increase. There can be no better fashion investment.

Now is it still worth buying?


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