How To Clean And Care Your Chanel Classic Flap Bag?

Nicole’s wardrobe is stocked with all sorts of designer bags, from Fendi, Celine, Givenchy to Chanel. And because of this, we needed her to share real-life experience on how to take care of leather bags. Her most favorite so far, is the Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag (in both golden hardware and silver hardware).

In a minute, Nicole will tell you stories about her awful experience when she needed to remove sand and dust from her Chanel bag. And she will also share how often you should clean your bag, how to store and maintain it and even show you the products she uses and why.

Nicole’s first designer bag – Why Chanel?
Coco Chanel built a brand centered around timeless elegance…I’ve always wanted to own a Chanel, and coveted countless celebrities and their many Chanel handbags, but, like many women out there, didn’t know if it was worth the investment…I first noticed the bag when traveling in Europe with my family as a freshman in high school, but didn’t get one until mid college. The handbag was a gift from my mother, and purchased in Honolulu, Hawaii at the AlaMoana boutique. At the time, the handbag retailed for $5,200 USD with tax. It was a Jumbo Classic Chanel in black with silver hardware… Later that year, my best friend was studying aboard in London, and asked if I wanted anything from Europe. Naturally, I thought of Chanel again, and purchased my second Chanel~ a Jumbo Classic Chanel in caviar with gold hardware. This was purchased in Niece, France, and after the tax refund, the bag was only $4000 USD.

Why did you choose this leather and what is your experience so far?
I chose caviar for the leather because it’s more durable, scratch proof, and structured. I like structured/clean cut things, and I figured, as clumsy as I am, a lambskin bag would be scratched and look slouchy within a year. I’m glad I picked caviar instead of lambskin, because it’s been over 3 years now, and my bag looks the same~ scratch free, structured, and in near perfect condition.

Have you accidentally damaged your bag so far? If so, then what was your initial response and how did you resolved it?
I’m not one who babies her bags, because bags are meant to be used, and my mom always says, you get your money’s worth the more you use it… So my Chanel has been through quite a bit. I’ve used it for work, travel, and casual dates with friends. I took it to the beach with me once after dinner in Hawaii, and the next morning, found specks of sand buried between the caviar crevices of the bag. My heart sunk, but after some dusting, and conditioning, my bag was good as new again! I’m not lying when I say, the bag is nearly indestructible…

In which occasion do you often use this bag?
I used to use it as an everyday bag because it’s so convenient, transitional, and elegant. Prior to working in fashion, I did finance, and we often had networking events after work. The bag transitioned perfectly from the office to cocktails and looked both professional and chic! It was my all time favorite go to bag.


What do you do to maintain your bag?
I don’t baby my bag while using it, but I DO do everything necessary to maintain my bags.

1. I always clean it with a dry cloth, taking off any dust and grime after a long week, then condition my bag with a leather conditioner. I now live in LA, and the weather is notoriously dry. It’s important to keep your leather handbags moisturized because when it’s too dry they tend to lose their luster and in some cases, the leather becomes dry, brittle, and hard.
2. I then store my bag in a cool/dry place (my closet) in it’s original dust bag with the original tissue stuffing so it doesn’t loose it’s structure. It’s important to have padding in the bag when storing it, but do not overstuff the bag, because this will change your handbag’s shape.
3. You never want to leave your handbag out in the open if you’re not using it for long periods of time, because sunlight fades the leather.
4. When storing, I put the leather chain inside the bag, because if not placed inside, it may create permanent creases on the leather outside.
5. Lastly, to prevent your makeup powder/lipstick from staining the inside of your bag, you should always keep your products in a small makeup pouch, and save yourself the headache and heartache of needing to later, fix stains.

Do you use any products? If so, then what are the products and prices? Also how often do you maintain your bag and how do you put these products in use?
I always have the habit of cleaning my bags after I use it, prior to storing it. I’ll clean it with a dry cloth, but after that, I’ll simply condition it with a leather conditioner. I personally use Coach’s Leather cleaner, because I love the formula.

If you do happen to sully your Chanel, I don’t recommend you using cleaners/solvents on the bag. Please consult a professional to prevent further damage.

Have you tried any products that didn’t work out in the past?
No, I recommend only using a leather conditioner. I haven’t tried any other products

Do you have any more tips and advices for newbies?
You should use your bag freely, but always take the extra few minutes to clean and prep it for storage! That way, you’ll be able to pass your bag on and use it for years to come! Good luck everyone, and hope this helped!

If you’ve got any questions for Nicole or you want to share your own experience, do so in the comment section below.

Nicole’s blog: bffbync


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