How Does a Chanel Handbag Demand Such a High Price?


Chanel probably drives most of their customer’s insane. I know they drive me crazy with their price increases. It’s like they don’t want us to buy their handbags. If that wasn’t the case, then why do they keep increasing the prices? The prices are rising by 15% annually. That is a major increase.

A few years ago, Chanel handbags cost half of what they do now. That’s 50%! That’s serious. If you’ve bought your Chanel jumbo flap bag a few years ago, you would have only paid $2,000 USD. And today, the same bag cost $4,500 USD, that’s more than double of what the bag was a few years ago. You could have bought two jumbo flaps a few years ago for less money than what you paid for one bag this year.

It’s not cool, but when I gave it some thought I concluded that the following reasons are why Chanel keeps increasing their prices.

Stunning Design
If you’re a Chanel aficionado like me, then you can’t deny this. I know there are others out there like me. Chanel handbags are world renown for their eye-catching designs. You just can’t walk by without noticing a Chanel handbag around someone’s shoulder.

Micro-detailed Handcraft
Have you ever had the opportunity to see a fake Chanel handbag compared to an authentic one? Even if you haven’t I bet you’d be able to tell the difference. Chanel is so confident about their quality they don’t need to give their bags special numbering. The detail that goes into the craftsmanship of authentic Chanel handbags cannot be duplicated.

Awesome Materials
One thing that cannot be denied about Chanel’s quality is the use of exotic materials. If you want a crocodile skin bag, then you can get a crocodile skin handbag. These materials are authentic so of course the price is going to reflect that. The Chanel flap bag is made in either lambskin or caviar. These leathers are extremely high quality, and that’s why they have longevity. Have you ladies ever felt the lambskin? I just love it.

The ‘Chanel’ Name
The Chanel brand has been around since the early 1900s. They’ve had about one hundred years to build up the brand. That’s an extremely long time compared to other designer labels. So with the longevity of the brand comes popularity. Who doesn’t know about Chanel? When you wear a Chanel handbag you’re wearing a household name.

So, tell me, how do you ladies feel about Chanel’s ever increasing prices?


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  • Sweet


    Have a very wealthy aunt and I have to tell you that nice things does come from having money.

    January 2, 2013

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