Hermes VS Chanel

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Hermes VS Chanel

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Hermes VS Chanel

chanel vs hermes

Chanel or Hermes, I simply love bags. I simply can’t choose between them, if I could, I would get both of them. But for a bag addicted like me, I am very picky about hand bags.

Chanel’s bag were never that expensive as they are today. How much again? $4,500 PLUS for a classic flap bag? Two years ago they were half in price, if I knew this would happen, I had bought several more.

It is like Chanel is trying to upgrade their brand image and compete on the higher level with exclusive brands like Hermes and others. What is Hermes bag cost? Around $10,000?

Here is a tricky question; Image Chanel flap bag cost $10,000 and the Hermes Birking bag is also priced $10,000. Which bag would you prefer? Chanel or Hermes?

You do not get these prices just like that, their quality should be questioned. When I went to the Chanel (the secret of Chanel 2.55) (the secret of Chanel 2.55) exhibition, they show how their bags are made. And apparently, most of the production time is being handmade or set-up together manually by an experienced handcraft. Chanel has also specialized machine that nowhere can be bought, because THEY MADE hard time copying them.

Hermes bag should not be any difference. I never went to their exhibition, but I am not surprised the process is about the same, which is hand-made.

On my handbag forum, several Chanel customers have been complaining about the quality of Chanel. One of them are the quality of the leather, some say that they look cheap, dull and non shiny. Others were complaining about the twist-lock back plate, that they are not equal.

When spending that much of money, the quality is important.

Mostly, we buy hand bags because of the feeling. Convince me, how would you feel differently when wearing Chanel comparing with your other $50,- hand bags? If you do not feel anything, then you probably are not a handbag lover.

How does Chanel hand bags make you feel and how Hermes hand bags made you feel are both very important factors. Hermes have been around for a longer time with higher prices and Chanel have just been rising.

Let me know what your preference are, Chanel or Hermes?

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8 thoughts on “Hermes VS Chanel”

  1. you can not compare both. They are different styles from different purpose. I don’t talk about material or quality. Chanel classic flat bag is more elegant and sophisticated and Hermes is more casual bag. I can take Chanel from party to shopping and will still look presentable but I can not wear Hermes in elegant party for example. if i have to choose between the too probably I will get Chanel classic flat bag first because is flexible that can be use with any type of clothes or activity. But if I need a bag just for travel, shopping or work I will take Hermes. Hermes is better quality in terms of material but Chanel is more practical and also the quality of the classic bag is good.


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