Hermes Top 5 Must Have Bags

Some things just never change, especially when it comes to classic bags. Hermes owns a few hand bags that never go out of fashion. Year after year girls are still in love with them. These bags will continue to increase in price. But that’s not something to be unhappy about. Let’s say you buy one today and five years later the price doubled. Isn’t that something good?

I wouldn’t complain that Hermes increase price, I will, if they keep decreasing it. Hermes bag in my collection and increase prices are very good for my bank account.

I picked the top 5 of my favorite Hermes hand bags and in my opinion, these bags are must have bags for any girls who starts their Hermes journey. Especially the classic bags are must buys.

Well, here are my top 5 ‘must have’ Hermes bag:


Hermes Kelly bag

Hermes Kelly are old stories. This bag have been timeless for a while now. The bag price varied from $8,000 to $20,000, depending on the style and the leather. Anyone who is starting on collecting Hermes must get a Kelly bag.

Lowest price:
Hermes 25 Birkin Epsom: $7,600 USD


Hermes Birkin bag

Hermes Birkin bag and the Hermes Kelly are the two most famous bags. Both starts from $8,000. Together with the Kelly, this too is a must have bag for any starter. Hermes Birkin are sexy bags and good for everyday use.

P.S. I love the red color. Black and white sometimes become too common. Try to switch to other colors, but only when the design of the bag match the color. If you choose this bag in purple, after a while you will get fed up and never wear it again.

Lowest price:
Hermes 25 Birkin Epsom: $7,600 USD


Hermes Shoulder Birkin JPG II

This bag might not be a must have bag for anyone. The design is pretty much the same as the original Birkin bag, but what I saw in this bag is very unique. It is quite shorter than the original Birkin bag and kind of a petite touch. I love petite bag. For start, either own one Hermes birkin or a shoulder birkin JPG II is fine too.

Lowest price:
Hermes Shoulder Birkin JPG II: $13,478 USD


Hermes Constance Elan

I never thought I would fall in love with the Constance Elan bag. The first time I saw this bag was on a picture in a forum. I thought the bag is dull and out of fashion. My opinion changed after I saw this bag in real life. I actually touch it and almost bought it!!! Maybe next year.

Lowest price:
Hermes Constance Elan: $7,750 USD


Hermes Garden Party

The Hermes garden party is a perfect bag for shopping, don’t you agree girls? I love the style, elegant, formal and because it is every day use.

I tried this bag on one times and it feels soft and chic.

Lowest price:
Hermes Garden Party MM Fjord & Toile: $2,625

  • Sirene


    I love hermes and Birkin. Gorgeous bags! x

    January 20, 2013

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