Hermes Petite H Card Holders

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Hermes Petite H Card Holders

Hermes Petite H Card Case

A simple fashion object, but it has so much meaning, especially if it’s designed by Hermes.

There must be something about these Hermes Card Holders, because they’re no longer online available.

Perhaps they have been discontinued.

Or perhaps sold-out.

But if you want a piece of this, you might as well hunt today before its too late.

These card holders comes with a leather shoulder strap. They’re made from calfskin and are part of the unique Petit H Collection.

There are different colors available and they’re all made in France.

These Card Holders are especially useful if you go out to a business event or concert. You can put your business card, bankcard or even your entrée pass there.

For those interested, they’re measured 11 x 6.5 (L x H) cm and priced at $495 USD or €360 euro via Hermes boutiques.

Hermes Petite H Card Case

Hermes Petite H Card Case

Hermes Petite H Card Case

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  1. It is currently available on the Hermes website. I was able to order one this morning with a croc finish but I see that is gone now but the regular leather is still available.


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