hermes short passant wallet

Hermes Passant Short Wallet

hermes short passant wallet

We’ve previously talked about the Passant Long Wallet and now we’re going to feature the normal and shorter version of it – the Passant Short Wallet. If you’re intimidated by long and quite bulky wallets, fret not for the normal version of the Hermes Passant Wallet is here to save you from your wallet woes.

The Passant Wallet has long won our hearts and this time its normal version made us swoon all over it the second time around. Ah, Hermes never fails to pull our heartstrings thus making us giddy all the time.

The beautiful structure of this wallet is one thing to swoon over but its the multi-functionality and practicality to it that made it to our list. Made from Evercolor or Epsom calfskin, it features a leather loop and flap. Now you might be asking what’s with the flap? Well, it simply tucks into the loop to secure the wallet. It’s as easy and as simple as that.

Looking inside, this wallet has four credit card slots and a change purse.

Here are the Hermes Passant Short Wallet Prices:

hermes short passant wallet hermes passant short wallet prices hermes short passant wallet prices
hermes short passant wallet prices


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