Hermes Maxi Box Bag


An elegant woman with blue eyes behind the bushes, an emerald green bag was sitting on her lap – it was the Hermes Maxi Box Bag featured in the Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign, the theme was titled Metamorphosis, an Hermes story.

A bag that is big enough to pack all the best clothes from your wardrobe, then use it as a carry-on on the airport. Or switch it to a weekend duffle when staying over at your friend’s house. The Hermes Maxi Box Bag will help you travel from New York to Tokyo.

For those who are more experienced with Hermes, the Maxi Box could be a retro of the Sac en Vie Bag, a slightly more sophisticated and modern version.

But one look at the Maxi Box and anyone can instantly recognize that it’s a ‘Hermes’ brand, every stitch and corner of the design is screaming ‘Hermes’.

For the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, we have also spotted the ‘black’ version if you’d not like the green color. Black is more classic and if you hate babying duffels or scared that it will change color over time, then this is your best option.

And of course, we have also uploaded a few more shades, just to give you a short preview and an idea of the design.

The Hermes Maxi Box Bag is sized at 21 x 37 x 15 cm (H x W x D), we only spotted the prices in yen: ¥ 1,092,000, we hope this will give you enough indication. Visit your local Hermes store for more information.





  • Anonymous


    Love my Maxibox!

    March 28, 2017
    • Thani Srichokchaiphong


      Love my Maxibox!

      March 28, 2017

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