Hermes Kelly Prices And Sizes


Hermes Kelly bags are just like the Birkin bags, one of the most famous ones. Famous and pricy, and wait. One more, and classic. If you are one of the bags collectors, just like me, you can’t miss the Hermes Kelly bag out.

If this is your first Hermes pick, make sure you pick the black one. Black is the most sold color, the same with Chanel flap bags, usually it is the black that is out of stock. Why black? Because black is a bit universal color, it match almost in any style. It is a everyday use. And if you decide to sell your bag, the color black make is much easier to sell.

Then after that, you can pick other Hermes colors. The price of Hermes Kelly varies from $8,000 to $20,000 and up. It depends on what leather the bag is made and the style. Here are a few of the most famous types:

Hermes 25 Kelly Prices Hermes 28 Kelly Prices
Lizard $10,871 USD Swift retourne $6,455 USD
Box retourne $9,604 USD


Hermes 32 Kelly Prices Hermes 35 Kelly Prices
Togo Retourne $6,127 USD Togo Retourne $8,550 USD
Swift Retourne $8,500 USD Box Sellier $12,060 USD
Clemence Retourne $8,773 USD Epsom $7,772 USD
Croc Nilo $28,686 USD Clemence $8,031 USD


Hermes 40 Kelly Prices
Clemence $9,092 USD
Epsom $8,826 USD


See how prices varies? The prices are in some country cheaper than others. Prices depend on the tax rate of the country and the demand. Ever been in HK before? Premium bags are somewhat the highest in the world. You wanna know why? Look at the real estate prices over there. Hermes have to pay big bills to hire a small place. Someone have to cover these cost, obviously the customers.

Do you know anymore Hermes Kelly prices? Please share them with the girls around the world.

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