Hermes Kelly Bag: The Royal Beauty


If you can’t get the Birkin, why not consider the Hermes Kelly bag?

The name Kelly is from an American actress that later became the princess of Monaco. This bag is introduced in 1935 and is considered a ‘timeless’ together with the Birkin.

The Hermes Kelly looks very much like the Birkin and for the beginner, it might be hard to separate them apart. But there is actually a quick way to identify them, the Kelly bag has just one handle, while the Birkin has two handles. More, the Kelly is less formal, more kind of a sporty style than the Birkin. The Birkin bags are also larger than the Kelly bags.

Birkin is actually more accessible than the Kelly. There is a greater chance for you to find the Birkin than the Kelly. Our member Qiqi said it best: ‘I’ve been lucky with Birkin, it’s Kelly has has been giving me heartache’.

There are 5 sizes available: 25, 28, 32, 35 and 40. These numbers represent the size of a bag. So 25 Kelly means 25 cm Kelly bag.

Available in Hermes stores.

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Princess Monaco Kelly



Hermes Kelly Ad Campaign



Hermes Kelly Special Picknick Edition


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