Hermes Bolide Mini Mini Bag


Great news, ladies! Today, we’re going to explore another Hermes piece, the Bolide Mini Mini Bag. Some weeks ago, we were able to feature a larger variation of this baby in full glory…and now, we’re going to do the same and impress you even more. Are you ready for this?

READ: Hermes Bolide Mini Bags

Yep, now we’re going to talk about the nitty gritty details. Measuring 6.4’ x 4.75’ inches, the Bolide Mini MIni is indeed a teeny, cute piece that’s worth watching out for. You can use this zipped bag as a travel case for your essentials (carrying your stuff in designer is priceless!) or as an inside bag for cosmetics or your secret stash…whatever it may be. Think about the possibilities with the Bolide Mini Mini! It’s a smaller bag compared to the Bolide Mini, but mind you, it’s ready to keep up with your needs!

Priced at $320 USD, you can get your very own Bolide Mini Mini Bag via Hermes e-store.







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