Hermes 1938 – 19 Wallet


Hermes is bringing the past back to the present. Remember the Bolide 1923 Bag? It was a modernized version of the original Bolide Bag. The 1923 stands for the release date of the bag.

The same story must be happening with this Hermes 1938 – 19 Wallet. This must be the retro version of a vintage wallet from the 1938. And even tough the leather-slip closure functions the same like the Smart Wallet, the design is much more classic-looking.

The Design

We love Hermes wallets because most of them are crafted with timeless appeal. The 1938 – 19 Wallet is even more attractive due to its streamlined and minimalistic look.

Made from durable and luxurious leathers like Mysore Goatskin, the front comes with a front flap and a slip-on closure. What’s more? The beauty lays on its simplicity. There are no unnecessary details that distract the craftsmanship as well as the gorgeous leather. There are no logos or prints. It’s just you and this wallet.

And oh yes, you can also use this wallet as small clutch bag of course.

The Interior


Move the leather strap up to get a look at the interior. Inside you will find the main compartment, a zip pocket and a patch pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 7.5’ x 5.5’ (L x H) inches, priced $3375 USD via Hermes boutiques.


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