Givency Mini Nightingale Bag: Stylish Croc With Taste

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Givency Mini Nightingale Bag: Stylish Croc With Taste


Usually I never recommend wearing black in hot weather, but there are always exceptions. It’s no surprise that the Givency Nightingale has been a favorite bag among the celebrities. We have seen Ashley Olsen and Heidi Klum carrying one and it looks gorgeous. For the hard-core collectors, this bag sits perfectly comfortable next your other classics like Chanel 2.55 reissue and the Celine luggage bags.

The mini nightingale bag in croc makes it all too perfect for the right evening. Chic enough to look classy and casual enough to match your comfy clothes. It’s different than from the standard version. The croc takes out the simplicity and clean appeal, then transform the nightingale into something stylish with taste. Just see how the croc skin takes over the look in perfect textures and patterns. There are times that my obsession are temporary cured, but how can any resist this bag? At SSENSEimage 7071422 10569670 for $1,650.

Size: 12’’ x 3.5’’ x 8’’ (L x W x D)
Material: 100% leather
Made in Italy


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