Givenchy Antigona Bag Summer 2014 Prices


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Givenchy Antigona Bag Summer 2014 Prices

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Givenchy Antigona Bag Summer 2014 Prices


Some people claim that: ‘When everyone is carrying the same bag, then it isn’t unique anymore, it has lost its meaning’.

Hmmm… (thinking-mode).

Well, heck with that statement, the facts are showing us different figures. The reality is, the longer a designer bag exists, the richer its history and deeper its story. Fashionista’s are carrying the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Black from New York to Tokyo and it’s still one of the most coveted accessories in the world. The Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag in Monogram canvas has been around for more than 70 years and still popular, the same hold true for the Celine Trapeze, Luggage and certainly we wouldn’t dare to exclude the Givenchy Antigona Bag from our top 10 list, would we?

First launched in 2010, the Givenchy Antigona Bag is still young, but it has proof its ability to steal our innocent hearts. It’s the typical bag that you would love to show off, once in a while of course (Yup!). And it’s suited to all situations – kind of an everyday bag like when you put on your suit and tie to join an important meeting or when your wallet is loaded with bullets and you need to urgently go for shopping spree.

For the summer season, everything-black is a violation of the fashion rules – we need to remain calm and colorful. Therefore we present the new shades that you will love to have, either in your already-overstuffed-wardrobe or to temporary satisfy your never-ending crave for beautiful bags.

Let’s be honest, there’s some sparkling magic about the Givenchy Small Antigona Bag. We get more questions about the Small than the Medium or Large. It couldn’t be its size because the small has decent space to pack your essentials. We belief it’s the style – ultra sleek, smooth and fine (I mean the leather), glossy and shiny, inspired by ‘Antigone’ a feminine figure with a strong personality. Small is not just easier to transport, but the design looks stunning on your hand. And… it comes with a shoulder strap. LOVE!

Okay, enough chit chat for today, let’s roll over to the prices…

Givenchy Small Antigona in Shiny Smooth Leather are retailing for €1.250 Euro, also available in Luisa Via Roma.



Givenchy Small Antigona in Grained Leather are priced at €1.450 Euro, available at Luisa Via Roma. See down here…




The Givenchy Antigona Medium Bag in Grained Leather are €1.550 Euro, also at Luisa Via Roma.



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  1. Do you by any chance know if the antigona small or medium is still available in the plum/purple (don’t know the name) Colour?



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