Givenchy Antigona Bag

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Givenchy Antigona Bag


One of the finest in detailed finished handbag ever. The style is so smooth that anyone would recognize you are carrying a top quality handbag. Just like the Nightingale, Givenchy don’t need to scream for any attention, it’s the most humble bag, a simple logo name on the front will do. But then again, the Givenchy Antigona bag is already famous, is already timeless and recognize as a classic. We know it, we have seen Celebrities sporting with it.


It’s no wonder why people love the Givenchy Antigona bag. They say a picture is worth more than thousands words, well one look at the Antigona tells a whole life story. It also tells you how your fashion life will change after owning such gorgeous beauty. The structure of the bag from the inside is rather simple, but organized. You can easily find your essentials and take it out. For the convenience, Givenchy made an internal zip and patch pocket for your wallet and your phone.

Looking at the style, you have to compliment the tight, smooth diamond pattern around the bag. It feels like it’s a easy bag, but it’s not. Every small details has been worked out by skilled craftsman. The patters makes it feel luxurious and expensive. The shoulder strap can come very handy from time to time, you can carry the bag by hand, around your arm or shoulder.

The Givenchy Antigona bag comes in variation of sizes and prices, it depends on the leather you pick and the pattern. Because we are facing a timeless, Givenchy releases new Antigona styles in each season. If Antigona is on your wish list, then I can feel the thirst bag in your eyes, cause I’ve been there.

Givenchy Antigona 3D Geometric Bag at
Luisaviaroma for $2,810

Givenchy Antigona Medium Gold Corners in Black at
Forward By Elyse Walker for $3,595

Givenchy Antigona Medium Stamped Tejus in Black at
Forward By Elyse Walker for $2,500

Givenchy Antigona Medium Stamped Tejus in Dark Blue at
Forward By Elyse Walker for $2,500


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