Fendi 2jours Bag

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Fendi 2jours Bag

Fendi jours Bag

Finally! It’s officially time to start rethinking about your future bag. No label printed bags to show, just a discreet metal bar politely whispering “Fendi”, just a matchless grace and posh character. Minimalistic yet perfect in craftsmanship, a boxy bag is yet to be discovered by you. So wait! Don’t just grab any bag in a hurry, without giving a thought to this next-to-art bag ” Fendi 2jours bag”.

Fendi, established in 1925 is on the top based on three main pillars of success; innovation, technology and craftsmanship. You might have seen the Fendi’s signature furs, their shoes or handbags, case in point; these depict their own personality and style simultaneously inculcating the above three traits. Competing with the famous brands like Givenchy, Celine and Prada, the brand has come on the top. The brand’s signature trait of “opulent modernism” has been incorporated in the Fendi 2jours bag

Brought into picture in the fall collection of 2012, the bag was created by Silvia Venturini Fendi as a splendid piece, and also reissued in some special editions in the Milan runways. This Fendi creation is prefixed by the number two and ‘jours’ has been taken from the French adverb “toujours” meaning – always. Nowadays, this “it” bag (yes, we can consider it as an it bag!) is becoming extremely well-known in the popular crowd and amongst the trend-setters.

It might be the most-awaited “it bag” addition, you know! Ever since we have seen the Spy and the Peekaboo “it bags” in 2000 we were never acquainted with other additions, but now we are endowed with 2jours. A sleek, structured and subtle shape is now put together with a classy hardware. Though the silhouette is somewhat boxy, the bag is a tad bit less structured than the others.


Fendi jours Bag

Hating the fact that you love handbags! Are you under the notion that Fendi handbags are so damn creative that you are prone to lose your mind and place an order? Than this one is surely the next one on your list. Your favorite Fendi 2jours bag features a detachable shoulder strap, chic luggage small tag, the metal on the top with Fendi logo creates a modern look, slightly curvy shape, rolled short tote handles, gorgeous gleaming hardware, adjustable and detachable cross body strap and not to forget the open top with snap button closure.

Choices are granted, unless, off course you want to go just on the looks! The elegant 2jours is offered in a variety of styles, sizes and shades. The extravagant skins like pony skin, python, fox, backgammon velvet and side panels in pony hair and suede materials are widely available. And you know what! You can also add a touch of specialization to the front tags; for total personal experiences just add your initials to the leather hang tag. Speechless! Aren’t you?

In the big bag game, your Fendi 2jours bag is available in two sizes. Moreover, the front tag adds the central focus to your bag’s personality. As you see, the rest of the bag isn’t messed up with prints and designs, it’s plain simple but elegant. If we brag about the colors than this bag is available in, striking single shades, or even in multi shades.


Fendi jours Bag

As of late, Fendi has evolved so much and so is the interior of their bag. See into your Fendi 2jours bag and will face a whole wide space in striped logo fabric lining. This so-called “Made in Italy” piece is isn’t cheaper but the exterior leather is durable and the two sided interior is thinner and soft. Thus the inside fabric is softer enough to be truly flexible in attribute; you can stuff more and expand more. Interior comes with pockets on the inside and zipper in the middle.


Fendi jours Bag


Fendi Petite 2jours Bag measurement: 26 x 21 x 12 (L x H x D) cm

Leathers And Materials

Fendi jours Bag



Fendi jours Bag

From Left To Right: Black, Powder Blue, Camellia Blue, Flame Red, Dove Grey, Cerulean Blue

Fendi jours Bag

From Left To Right: Blue, Red, Powder Gray, Sand, Mint Green, Light Yellow

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