Eat Me Maybe Fashion Cakes



Eat Me Maybe Fashion Cakes


Hello, ladies! We’ve got some exciting news for all of you – in the spirit of bringing together everything fashion, we’ve decided to feature “Eat Me Maybe”, a luxury cake service that is bringing baking and sweet treats into a whole new level. Clearly, we didn’t see that coming, because we initially thought that fashion evolved with the things we wear and adorn ourselves with, not with the things we’d munch on (yep, we’re wrong).

Big names in the industry (Burberry, Maybelline, L’Oreal, to name a few) are going ga-ga over these designer cakes. Their treats are so cute and adorable, you would think twice about eating them! The company was founded by Jade Jackman, a well-known fashion PR, and her friend Andrea Gamble, who also works in the industry. In spite of their busy schedules, these friends have teamed-up to make these wonderful treats and make it grow into a lucrative business venture. Take a look at their creations below, and be amazed!








We’ve reached the end of our preview, ladies! Tell us what you think about these creative treats, and be heard!

Pictures courtesy of: Vogue UK

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