Dolce and Gabbana Crown Rhinestone Headsets


Dolce And Gabbana Crown Rhinestone Headsets
Price: $8,895 USD, €4,950 EUR or £4,600 GBP

For starters, we’ve been seeing a mix of tech and fashion lately – a lot of designer brands are amping-up their gadget game, partnering with bigwigs from another side of the boat. Not that we’re complaining, it’s pretty amusing actually to see such shifts in trends. For example, do you remember our feature some weeks ago on Chanel’s work with Monster? Exactly.

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Today, we’re going to explore another winner in that category – Dolce and Gabbana has released their own set of headsets that have been jazzed-up to perfection.



This piece is totally worth your while! Made with a metal headband with Swarovski crystals and pearls, you’re sure to rock it in style! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Dolce And Gabbana Embellished Leather Headsets
Size: 7.9′ x 16.9′ 11.2′ inches
Price: $6,995 USD or €3,950 EUR via MyTheresa



Romantic opulence is the name of the game, and D&G is playing it well! A sparkling affair with just enough red? Yep, now we’re talking.

Both headphones have audio stereo connection with volume control, and are compatible with MP3 readers, smartphones and audio playback devices. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!


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