Diorevolution Card Holder

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Diorevolution Card Holder

Diorevolution Card Holder


The Diorevolution is the line that will help you flaunt from the high streets back to home. It’s the line where the label puts an oversized eye-catching logo on the front. And if you’re doing business or are a career-focused woman, then this Diorevolution Cardholder is your perfect business partner.

The Design

A Diorevolution item starts with the DIOR logo in aged gold hardware on the front. And this Cardholder goes even further as it’s made with metallic mirror for the shimmering-effect. No eyes can escape this beauty.

This Dior Cardholder is all about making a statement. The logo, the metallic as well as the detailing like the nice stitching are all crafted to help you conduct business with style.

The Interior


The inside is made with lambskin lining. There are 4 card slots and 1 flat pocket. It’s a tiny accessory that you need in your handbag.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 10.5 x 7.5 cm, priced at 250 GBP, 280 EURO via Dior boutiques.

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