Dio(r)evolution Bag

Diorevolution Bag Review

“Fashion is all about revolution”- there’s no such thing as temporary, every trend changes like the waves of water; fashion flows with every season and perhaps with every runaway. This message is blatantly conveyed by Dior(r)evolution handbags this year with the help of certain details, namely the bold and newly developed Dior logo and slot handclasp.

When we all had a same view about Dior bags, thinking it was meant for only the sophisticated girly-girls, we were proved wrong. Though it sounds weird, that a brand like Dior can take such a bold and edgy move, you’ll be awe-struck to know about these bold bags showcased in the Spring Summer 2017 collection in Paris. Dior’s first artistic director, Ruth Bell pointed out that the city has always been an epitome of creativity, diverse culture and freedom. The handpicked collection this time simply exudes confidence, boldness and daring nature of women, stopping all the narrow thinking.

Thus the intriguing name- Dio(r)evolution is apt as it has all the above traits, giving a break to the old signature feminine style of Dior handbags. Also, the oversized logo is being displayed for the first time in Dior’s fashion history, so if you want to publicly display your affection towards Dior, then these are just made for you!


Diorevolution Bag Review

Dio(r)evolution’s design is truly drool worthy! Catching our queer eyes in the handbag world is a hard row to hoe but this simplistic design is a perfect fashion weapon for your uniqueness. Now, you don’t have to depend on all those lady-like patterns that contrast your personality as the design of these bags simply shouts bold, bling and edgy.

Comfy than you’ve ever thought, these handbags have an adjustable shoulder strap that’s thicker and wider in appearance, it’s easy to remove or wear it anytime, anyplace, just wear it with grace at your usual casual outings. What’s more! You can remove it completely and use this bag as a clutch with the help of DIOR slot handclasp; the letters are just on the front in bold to flaunt your love for the brand. Just slid your fingers in the slot and carry it everywhere you want, as if it’s a part of your hand. The creativity is unimaginable and we’re sure that we haven’t seen anything like this, ever, have you!

If you are recently on a checkout for Dior’s Instagram and website than you would have been updated that these handbags comes in solid color with the boxy silhouette back in game.

The Interior

Diorevolution Bag Review

It’s interior is as elegant as the design is; you would find a boxy interior that’s more compact than any other handbag. It has a single compartment to store all your day-to-day essentials along with a stylish front slip pocket to simply slide in your mobile or car keys.

The Sizes

Diorevolution Bag Review

Medium Size

25 x 16.5 x 8 cm

The Leathers

Diorevolution Bag Review


The Colors

Diorevolution Bag Review

From Left To Right: Black, White, Brown, Pink

The Hardware

Diorevolution Bag Review

From Left To Right: Gold, Silver


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