Diorever Handle Bag


Dior introduced the Diorever tote bag not too long ago and this time around they’re sealing the deal by coming up with their newest Diorever Handle Bag. A perfect daily go-to bag, the Diorever Handle Bag is everything you could ask for.

Aesthetically wise, the Diorever Handle Bag is truly a beauty and all the elements are mirroring the Diorever Tote Bag. Like the Dior signature crest-shaped clasp that makes a bold and contemporary statement, perfect in defining the modern cosmopolitan woman. And the two rounded studs, which finalizes the signature of the Diorever Collection.

When it comes to size, the Diorever Handle Bag is smaller in size and is in a square-type structure. It is handy and compact enough to bring anywhere whether it be on a quick Saturday lunch out or on a Sunday tea party with your girlfriends.

Prices and sizes are still unknown but we’ll keep you updated.

Diorever Handle Bag: €1800 euro
Diorever Handle Python Bag: €2700 euro



Pictures courtesy of: More Diorever Bags And Accessories



Pictures courtesy of: Instagram @openstore.ru


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